How to Improve Your Resume

When looking for a job, many of us often give great importance to job interviews, thinking about how we should present ourself to our potential employer, or how to look and what to wear (Blog- What to wear to a job interview). With that we are neglecting the significantly important first step to our succesful job search – a well-written resume.
It is clear that you should comply with the basic rules when composing your resume. First and foremost, resume should be grammatically correct, look nice and clean, include your personal information, clear information on your previous work experience and the position you have performed in your previous company and the knowledge and skills you have gained.
Once you do that, your resume can appear pretty impressive, but there is still the possibility of it remaining unrecognized in the sea of other resumes, because it is highly likely that your future employer has already seen such a resume.

Powerful verbs that will improve your resume
One way you can improve your resume and distinguish yourself from other candidates is to be creative. Instead of the usual words you used to describe your job position and role in previous companys, here are some suggestions that you could replace them with.
E.g. if you were a project manager in your former company, instead of the word “lead”, you can use the words: coordinate, monitor, control, organize.
If you were working on creating specific projects, use the words: initiate, build, establish, launch.
Employers will appreciate if you saved your company’s time and money while working for them, so make sure you mention that using the words: consolidate, contribute, downgrade, reduce.
Words maximize, boost, and improve use if you want to say that you have increased efficiency, sales or company’s numbers in some way.
If you’ve made some changes to organization and business, use the words: upgrade, integrate, reorganize, standardize.
If you worked in customer support, you can describe your position using the words: advise, inform, resolve, coach.
You can describe your managers position using the words: mentor, hire, train, align.
If your job had research or analytical side to it, you can use words: identify, collect, evaluate, predict.

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