Is leaving your job a good idea?

We’ve all had those days. “I hate my job! days.” I hate my coworkers! I hate this office! I hate this schedule… Usually these are just one of those days when we get up on the wrong foot and the rage ends with a cold beverage with good friends.

But what happens when you realize that it’s not your job that you temporarily hate, it’s your career!? When your whole body screams while getting ready for work or riding a tram to work, maybe it’s time for a change. Making a dramatic shift like this is… well not easy. Especially when you don’t have a new job lined up.

The longer you choose to stay in a job you hate the more unhappy, bitter and resentful you become and the constant strain will impact all aspects of your life. The stress of going to work can damage your health, relationships, not to mention your self-esteem and confidence.

But the question remains, “Why do we do it?” Why do we keep doing what we hate and what makes us miserable? For start, it’s much easier. Starting over can take a lot effort. New job often involves new learning curve, adjustment to a new environment and sometimes even a new culture.

Then there is a financial uncertainty. Burdened by loans, credits, bills, mortgages many qualified workers feel uneasy to quit and look for something more suitable for them.

But despite the risks of quitting without having a new job offer, many people do quit! Fact is, mental and emotional costs of abusive work environment or constant unhappiness with your work can be just as destructive as an uncertain future, even more so. Choosing to stay on a job you outgrown will only make your life miserable and limit your potential.

Satisfaction with your work life will have a profound impact on your creativity, productivity, commitment and collegiality. Workers perform better when they are happily engaged in what they do.

Better performance at work will make you more confident and raise your self-esteem. Inner satisfaction will not only improve your work life but your relationships, day to day activities and health.

There is no question that better job will improve your life but whether it’s worth the risk. Whether something is “worth it” is a relative term not to mention a bit of uncertainty in life can be healthy for your career. Taking dramatic turns in life will keep you on your toes, give you a unique experience and help you grow in life.

It’s important that once you made the decision to quit you don’t look back. Of course, the outcomes may not turn out always as you planned but trust in your decisions! And remember it’s virtually impossible to move forward if you never take action.

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