Job Motivation

As much as we would like to, without real motivation it’s impossible to move forward in your career and feel satisfaction at work. In today’s modern society the main motivator is money. However, researches show that, in the long run, money, as a main incentive, doesn’t work very well.

There are four factors that influence our job satisfaction. Internal motivation, job significance, social climate and self-transcendent orientation.

Internal motivation

To achieve our goals we need to follow our internal motivation. Internal motivation represents our passion and inclination which drives us to give our best. Studies show that workers motivated by inner elements are much more productive that one’s motivated by external elements.

When we are focused and committed to our work we can enjoy it more and our work performance is here to show it.

Job Significance

Our own perception on how our work contributes to success of the company and positive changes in the society and the world. If we believe that or work in insignificant, unnecessary or trivial we won’t be able to find necessary motivation to do it right.

Think about how your job benefits your personal or professional development. Do you feel that your work is relevant? If the answer is no, maybe it’s time for a career change.

Social Climate

Friendly atmosphere, mutual respect and support, teamwork and mutual understanding are essential for higher productivity. Your colleagues are people with whom you spend the most time in the working week. Relations with them will be essential for work success.

Pay attention to personal relationships with your colleagues. If you they are bad, ask yourself: “Can I do something to change it?” Sometimes it only takes a little bit of attention and a friendly smile to improve life in your office.

Self-Transcendent Orientation

Transcendental orientation represents a higher purpose and ethical and moral principles. Every job should be in accordance with your morals. People often take jobs that are considered immoral and unworthy. Usually, money is the main motivation of these decisions.

But as we already mentioned in the beginning of this text, only money doesn’t really work well.

Everyone should, at some point in their life, stop and think about these four steps. Ask yourself what makes you happy and gives you the will to move forward. Are you pleased with yourself and your work or do you believe that your job is insignificant?

If the answer is yes, maybe it’s time for a career change.

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