What to wear to a job interview

You tried for months. Daily mailed your resume and job applications and finally landed a job interview at your dream company. But, before you step into the office of your future employee, you seriously have to think about what to wear.

Even though you shouldn’t judge people based upon their suit, in business world it’s not always like that. On a job interview you only have one chance to impress your future boss and your appearance can make a huge difference.


You can never go wrong with tailored suit and matching shoes.

What to wear

Choose a tailored, matching suit. Traditionally, grey, black or navy blue are business colours.

Usually, younger men prefer grey suits. Bonus is that grey is easy to combine with black and brown elements. You can never go wrong with black. Black is the colour of confidence and authority, plus you can wear this suit to other formal occasions. Navy blue is the most popular colour in business world. Wearing this colour, you will show your boss that you are reliable, serious and a team player.

If you choose any of these colours you will not go wrong.

Your suit doesn’t have to be expensive, just make sure it’s tailored. After all, it’s always wise to invest in a good suit.
Men shouldn’t accessorize too much. Men’s wrist watch and a tie are preferable.

Choose a simple tie with or without pattern. It’s up to you to decide what suits you.

What not to wear

We could write about this topic a whole essay. It’s safe to say that short pants, headphones, tracksuits, hoodies, jeans etc. are out of the question. Rule number one: “Don’t dress too casual.”

Distracting colours such as red, yellow, even light blue are not recommended. You don’t want your neon suit to be the only thing your employer will notice.

Character ties are a big no. As well as ties with overly complicated patterns. Choose a simple tie, one colour or a subtle pattern. Check what other men in your industry are wearing.

Don’t wear men jewellery. Take off your rings (unless it’s a wedding ring), necklace, piercings and similar jewellery. Maybe you think you are making a statement with it, but your employer might disagree.


Stick to the classic and sophisticated look. Wear a business suit with pants or a skirt to look more professional.

What to wear

Wear a navy blue, black or grey matching suit. These colours are most common in a business world. They reflect severity, confidence and strength and will make you look more professional.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear pants or skirt, just make sure your skirt is not too short. Ideal length is just above your knees. Stockings should be of natural colour, the colour of your skin.

Shirt should be elegant. Make sure it’s not transparent or too revealing.

Wear a leather shoes matching your suit. You don’t need to wear heels, but if you do make sure they are not too high.

What not to wear

If you are wearing high heels and short skirt you’re way off. Overly casual and messy clothes are not recommended.
Don’t wear big cleavage, it will give the wrong impression…

We all love jewellery, but even women can go too far. Take off those huge necklaces, rings or earrings. If you really have to wear delicate and small jewellery.


Hair has to be clean and combed. Women, don’t use too much make up. Avoid smoky-eyes and similar makeup tricks. Instead use natural colours and a single coat of mascara. Men, have a shaved face. If you have a beard make sure is well groomed.

Perfumes are not appropriate. Just because it’s your favourite it doesn’t mean your employer will share your opinion. Your fragrance should not be the first thing that enters the room.

For both men and women clean nails are a must. Women, nail polish should be only natural colours. Avoid neon.

We should point out that every job is unique and dress code varies from industry to industry. For example, a position in the fashion industry calls for more youthful and trendy look and a manager position for more serious and authoritative look. In this text we showed you a classical, universal look with whom you can never go wrong.

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