• How to write a CV?
      A well-written document can increase your chances of progressing in the procedure, whereas, equally so, a poorly written CV can disqualify you and eliminate your chances of personally presenting yourself to an employer.
    • Attending the interview
      Attending an interview is a stressful event for any candidate, but good preparation can make it easier. Attention should also be directed to one’s physical appearance, which should not be too casual or untidy, but must give the impression of business maturity and decency. Furthermore, be careful that the place where you will have the interview is quiet and orderly.
    • Education and training
      In today's market, employers expect workers, in addition to meeting the minimum requirements of professional education and work experience, to show some more initiative.
    • Cover letters are history
      New researches show that employers take only 6 seconds to read through your resume. Overloaded inboxes and fast modern lifestyle demands short, clear and concise information. It’s no wonder that cover letters are getting old fashioned.