• Attending an interview is a stressful event for any candidate, but good preparation can make it easier.
      Attention should also be directed to one’s physical appearance, which should not be too casual or untidy, but must give the impression of business maturity and decency. Furthermore, be careful that the place where you will have the interview is quiet and orderly.
      Before attending an interview, preparations should usually be made for two types of questions: personal and professional.
      Personal questions are more of a general nature, whereas professional questions are more detailed and professional.
      If you did not understand a question, ask the interviewer nicely to repeat the question, reformulate it or to speak more slowly.

      Tips for personal questions:

      1. Short and simple answers
      2. Be positive and proactive

      Advice for professional questions:

      1. Study your work experience in your CV extensively.
      2. Learn the work-specific vocabulary.
      3. Expect and prepare for answers to 2 - 3 sub-questions on each item that you noted in the document.
      4. The employer will probably require you to provide a detailed description of the work methods.
      5. Be positive and proactive.

      Advice for asking the employer questions:

      1. It is a good idea to ask questions about anything relating directly to the undertaking of job obligations, work methods, job induction and the like.