• Intermediation in employment
      We cooperate actively with the employer during the entire selection and recruitment procedure and adapt to specific requirements as they occur.

      We monitor and advise workers from the moment of their application to their arrival at the workplace.
    • Temporary staffing
      We are registered for carrying out temporary employment services and also offer a temp service by providing the workers employed at our Agency for temporary job assignments in a Client’s company. We conclude contracts with a Client for temporary staffing services in accordance with the Labour Act and we conclude the Employment Contract for Temporary Job Assignment with workers and send them to Clients who have sought our services. The temporary workers work under supervision of our Client and in accordance with the Client’s work processes.
    • Outsourcing
      We provide in a single place a professional, high-quality and flexible outsourcing service, tailored to each client. OUTSOURCING is the delegating of a process within a company's business to third parties or external partners (agencies), with the effects and creation of benefits such as a cheaper labour force, better quality products or services, right up to introducing innovation into existing business processes.
    • Obtaining visas and work permits
      In cooperation with embassies, consulates, relevant ministries and institutions as well as all relevant government bodies, we obtain the necessary documents for residence and work abroad. Furthermore, we obtain work permits and residence visas for foreign nationals in the Republic of Croatia.
    • Tax returns
      Our company Concessum Business Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience in tax refunds. We cooperate successfully with more than 130 authorised partners worldwide. We send the tax refund applications in most European countries, the United States and Canada. If you work abroad, you can possibly get a tax return on your income of up to 100% of the amount taxed.
    • Education
      When necessary, we organise education and training for workers and/or employers. Education may include preparation for passing an internationally recognised certificate of competency in a language or a profession in general, as well as additional training required for satisfactory performance of work-related tasks.
    • Administrative services
      The administrative services we offer include payroll services and HR management, while adhering to full confidentiality of all data processed. The payroll service is recommended in cases when in a company there are no restrictions on the recruitment of new workers, there is a high turnover of workers or simply desire to reduce administration costs.
    • Researching the labour market
      Years of experience has led us to the conclusion that monitoring and forecasting the labour market, is the result of a dynamic interrelationship of various factors which every company has to take into account when planning its activities and strategy for improving competitiveness and the position of the company.
    • Open jobs
      There are no open jobs