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      Years of experience has led us to the conclusion that monitoring and forecasting the labour market, is the result of a dynamic interrelationship of various factors which every company has to take into account when planning its activities and strategy for improving competitiveness and the position of the company.

      We perform detailed market research, as required and in agreement with our client.

      In today's business environment, people are the key factor in the development of business competitiveness strategies in the market. A company's strategy therefore must also include a strategy for managing human resources. Each company operates in a changing environment, and planning for the future of a company requires monitoring trends in the labour market and the business environment, as well as ensuring the availability of a high-quality workforce and its retention. The labour market, therefore, is an important factor that affects the ability of acquiring a high-quality workforce. No company can ignore the changing factors that affect the labour supply but instead must continuously monitor changes and trends, and labour market developments. The labour market is creating new forms of employment, given that companies must respond timely to changes in business. International business operations impose additional challenges for businesses which, in order to survive in new markets, must become familiar with the business requirements and the characteristics of the new market.