Undeclared work in UK no longer cost-effective

Legal employment in UK is linked with various financial benefits and a guarantee of social security. Unfortunately, it is quite common for a British employer wishing to reduce his costs to engage illegal workers. Grey economy is most widespread in the gastronomical sector. Fast-food joints owners see employing illegal immigrants as a quick and easy way of increasing their profits. This practice, however, might soon change.

Both employers and employees might expect serious consequences if they are found to be guilty of engaging in undeclared work. The government of the United Kingdom has announced its plan to curb illegal employment.

Undeclared work in Great Britain will no longer seem so appealing. The government declares up to 6 months of imprisonment and deportation for immigrants participating in the British informal sector. Their wages will be impounded. Employers will risk severe punishment as well. They will be liable to 5 years of imprisonment. Moreover, law enforcement agency will have the means to levy massive fines on companies found guilty of engaging illegal workers. Some businesses will even face a complete shutdown.

However, it is worth noting that such drastic measures will apply only to hiring illegal immigrants without a work permit. The penalties are part of a lager government scheme designed to combat the influx of illegal incomers. The authorities plan to introduce tight restrictions in various areas of life, preventing unwelcome immigrants from opening a bank account, driving a car, renting a flat or getting employed. They hope such regulations will discourage British employers from engaging cheap workforce and thus, stop the illegal immigration.

These measures will not have much of a impact on regular workers staying in Britain lawfully. For incomers from EU member states this may mean greater chances of legal employment, as British employers will turn away from engaging illegal workers.

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