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      We cooperate actively with the employer during the entire selection and recruitment procedure and adapt to specific requirements as they occur.
      We screen for the ideal employee in cooperation with the employer and carry out recruitment and selection activities, which include the following steps:

      1. Finding the best and adequate workers for your company.
      2. We undertake on your behalf the demanding selection and recruitment process.
      3. We assist you in getting the optimal worker in the shortest possible time.
      4. We guarantee that the potential candidate will go through several stages of the selection.
      5. We carry out a standard procedure consisting of the collection and verification of documentation, language testing, verification of qualifications and several interviews with the potential candidate.
      6. If necessary, we also arrange specific testing necessary for the safe and proper performance of work duties and we can also organise additional education or training for workers or groups of workers.


      We monitor and advise workers from the moment of their application to their arrival at the workplace.
      For workers, the Agency carries out the following actions:
      1. We apply for the advertised position
      2. We collect and review documents
      3. We provide advice on the documentation and attending the interview
      4. We provide advice on the working conditions and life in a foreign country
      5. We conduct preliminary interviews
      6. We test language skills
      7. We communicate with the employer
      8. We assist in the departing and relocating.