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      We are registered for carrying out temporary employment services and also offer a temp service by providing the workers employed at our Agency for temporary job assignments in a Client’s company.

      We conclude contracts with a Client for temporary staffing services in accordance with the Labour Act and we conclude the Employment Contract for Temporary Job Assignment with workers and send them to Clients who have sought our services. The temporary workers work under supervision of our Client and in accordance with the Client’s work processes.

      The service may include recruitment and selection of workers required by our Client or the employment of workers by our Client whom the Client has chosen for the job.

      Why use our temporary employment service?
      1. You get technical and professional support when hiring our Agency which has experience with employing workers in the EU and throughout the world,
      2. This method is reliable and a fast solution to employing individuals or large groups of workers
      3. We obtain the required visas and work permits for work abroad
      4. We guarantee high professional standards and compliance with all applicable laws
      5. Financial stability
      6. A complete HR management and administration service
      7. The filling of vacancies in the event of sick leave or annual leave
      8. Hiring experts for specific projects
      9. Hiring for a definite or indefinite period of time.