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      The administrative services we offer include payroll services and HR management, while adhering to full confidentiality of all data processed. The payroll service is recommended in cases when in a company there are no restrictions on the recruitment of new workers, there is a high turnover of workers or simply desire to reduce administration costs. Besides facilitating the work of your accounting department, you will also have the opportunity to increase the efficiency of your company by directing greater focus on the company’s core business processes.

      The payroll service includes:
      1. Payroll accounting
      2. Calculation of other employee benefits
      3. Implementation of the service based on predefined deadlines
      4. Issuing of payslips and other required documents
      5. Calculation of annual income tax and preparation of reports required by the relevant institutions
      6. Preparation of report based on our client's requirements.

      HR management service:

      Outsourcing the payroll and HR management services can be arranged as a complete or partial service, and according to your requirements and needs.
      Professional monitoring of individual staff also includes:

      1. Maintaining personal employee files and document filing
      2. Registering and deregistering employees with the competent institutions
      3. Issuing the required documents to employees
      4. Maintaining documentation for the registration of foreigners in order to obtain work and residence permits.