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      Our company Concessum Business Consulting Ltd. has extensive experience in tax refunds. We cooperate successfully with more than 130 authorised partners worldwide.

      We send the tax refund applications in most European countries, the United States and Canada. If you work abroad, you can possibly get a tax return on your income of up to 100% of the amount taxed. Our company offers a comprehensive, professional service, and the tax refund amount is paid directly to your account.

      Why use our tax refund service?
      1. Our experience with tax refunds in EU countries has been very extensively and successful. We are a group of specialists who have been handling tax refunds since 2001.
      2. As our client, we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information.
      3. When processing your application, we use the latest technology that makes our service highly competitive.
      4. We have predefined prices for our services, which range between 30 and 150 euros, depending on the amount of the tax refund. Before you make your decision, you will get a free preliminary calculation.