• How to write a CV?
      1. CV (curriculum vitae) or resume is a document that presents you to a potential employer.
      A well-written document can increase your chances of progressing in the procedure, whereas, equally so, a poorly written CV can disqualify you and eliminate your chances of personally presenting yourself to an employer.

      Some general rules for a good CV are:

      1. The length of the document 1-2 pages, 3 for those who with a tertiary education
      2. Attractive, but business-like font: Arial or Calibri
      3. Business formatting of the text: 2 - 3 font sizes, in black
      4. Work experience and education described in chronological and in time periods
      5. Description of work duties
      6. Employer details
      7. Particular description of knowledge and skills, relating to the applied position
      8. Description of work methods for particular specific professions
      9. Don’t include or shorten information that is not relevant
      10. Don’t include a picture, unless the ad explicitly requires you to do so
      11. Don’t include any discriminatory data (e.g., race or religion)
      12. You may specify your gender and age
      13. Be sure to include your contact details
      14. Use an e-mail address: name.surname@gmail.com
      15. Check your spelling and grammar.