• New researches show that employers take only 6 seconds to read through your resume. Overloaded inboxes and fast modern lifestyle demands short, clear and concise information. It’s no wonder that cover letters are getting old fashioned.

      Unfortunately, cover letters provided a great opportunity for a job seeker to highlights his or hers advantages, the ones that can’t be found in a resume. Today, if you want to be noticed, you need to work on your resume. We prepared a few simple tricks that will help you shine in your resume.

      Add summary
      • Add a few sentences, at the beginning, highlighting your professional competencies, career focus and what makes you different from others
      Additional personal information
      • Add hobbies, volunteer experience, relevant club memberships and other activities
      • Employer will get a better insight in your personality
      • Add at the end of your resume
      • Add bullets under your job history and description
      • Emphasize your accomplishments
      • Be specific, indicate what exactly has been achieved thanks to your efforts
      Social networks
      • Add links to your social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
      • Be careful what you post, your employer will surely check your profile

      Source: Cover Letters Are Dead: Do This Instead